Zuma Technology – Services

We assist our customers in the selection, implementation, and ongoing management of compelling, high-performance, e-business solutions. While Zuma Technology provides a variety of services for small, mid-sized, and enterprise clients, all of our customers can expect top-tier talent, a partner-based approach, and an easy to do business with relationship with Zuma Technology.

Enterprise Solutions

Zuma Technology partners with leading enterprise software vendors and provides relevant domain expertise on Open Source alternatives to provide complete, turnkey technology solutions for today’s business challenges. Our team of experts are prepared to assist in the complete project life cycle from needs assessment, to vendor selection, to solution implementation and maintenace. Offerings include:

  • Vendor Selection — Need assistance selecting the right vendor for your eBusiness initiative? Working with a third party to validate your requirements, assist with vendor selection, and provide information on ongoing costs of a solution can save time, reduce costs an ensure success in this important selection process. Contact Zuma Technology today to find out how we can assist you in making the right choice for your business.
  • Content Management — Successfully applying content management to business needs and managing the ongoing operational costs of content management solutions is tricky, Many enterprise clients have not yet realized the benefit of industry solutions. Zuma Technology offers a host of services to help your company be successful with content management, realize the ROI promised by these solutions, and extend their usefulness throughout your organization.
  • eCommerce Solutions — Whether your are implementing payment processing for a small web site purchase, building a complete store for your company’s inventory, or looking for a hosted eCommerce offering, Zuma Technology is prepared to assist you. Contact Zuma Technology today to learn more about our eCommerce solutions.

Additional Enterprise Solution Offerings include:

  • Cloud Based Company Email System
  • Encryption Services
  • Internal Network Infrastructure Architecture
  • Java Development
  • Security Performance Monitoring
  • Server Deployment
  • Virtual CIO
  • Virtualization

Managed Services

Managed services lets customers offload specific IT operations to Zuma Technology. Our tactical tech team assumes ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf. By offloading routine infrastructure management, customers can concentrate on running their business, with fewer interruptions due to IT issues. The philosophy we follow in pursuit of achieving customer goals is to remain proactive to avoid business downtime. Zuma Technology works with customers to provide traditional IT services. IT services may be provided to clients as an independent project, on an ongoing, recurring basis, or as part of a complete, enterprise business solutions. Additionally, Zuma Technology provides complete IT outsourcing to provide simple, one-stop shopping for the IT needs of small and mid-size businesses. We offer services such as:

  • Data Backup and Recovery — Customer data is the most important aspect for a business. By implementing a proper backup solution, customer’s have the ability to store data on a secure server and in the event a disaster happens, Zuma Technology can quickly retrieve important data and business can be back up and running in no time.
  • Desktop and Laptop Support — The support technicians at Zuma Technology provide front line responsive support to our customers. The trained technician’s are able to dissect the issue, resolve the problem, and explain to the customer how the issue was resolved and prevent the issue from happening again.
  • Hosting — Hosting solutions for email, web sites, and other business systems. Hosting engagements can include management and administration of related applications as your business needs dictate.
  • Managed Administration — Complete, outsourced management and administration of business systems and IT applications. Managed administration provides customers with turn-key management of sensative IT systems and Service Level Agreements that meet the up-time requirements demanded by your business.
  • Security Assessments — Thorough security assessments of external and internal systems, applications, and servers. Zuma Tech helps its customers protect their online assets by providing accurate risk analysis, threat assessment, and recommendations for improving security based on current industry intelligence.

Additional IT Services include:

  • After Hours Support
  • Asset Tracking & Reporting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Email Spam Filtering
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Network Solutions
  • Onsite / Remote Support
  • Server Maintenance & Support

Web Development & Design

Zuma Technology delivers well thought out, functional websites which clearly communicates the customers message to the core audience. The philosophy we instill in the development team is to keep the design and experience simple, while incorporating innovative concepts into the website. The company has a wealth of experience in designing compelling websites and has seen numerous trends come and go, we stick to a proven formula of strategic requirements gathering and incorporate all aspects into the visual representation of the website.

  • Web Design — The term web design has evolved from simply displaying business information on a website, like a fancy online brochure. Today’s web is more interactive with professional graphical implementation, custom content systems, and user experience tracking. Tracking customer activities on the website is a must. Zuma Technology provides analytical reports on visitor engagement, which allows business owners to make intelligent business decisions.
  • Hosting — Relying on a dependable host for your website is crucial for any business website. The team at Zuma Technology has years of experience with providing reliable up time host that automatically adjust when the website’s traffic attracts more visitors than anticipated. Having the right hosting platform for your website guarantees customers can access your site whenever and where ever.
  • Web Application Development — Web applications are programs that can be accessed online or internally from a company’s network. The benefit of having a web application live online is that executive travelers can access the application so long as the user has an active internet connection.
  • Content Management System (CMS) — Company’s and organizations are allows looking for ways to save money and be more efficient. A way we save money for customers is provide the website with a content management system. The CMS allows customers to make modifications without the knowledge of programming. Implementing a CMS is beneficial for customers who need to modify content regularly and can locate content much quicker than needs to be updated.
  • Graphic Design — Presentation on the web is a way to ensure the company’s message and graphical aspect is represented the right way. With today’s user experience constantly evolving, having the right visual experience for customers can assist customers in purchasing a product or service. The experience customers have with the website should have a lasting impression and Zuma Technology has a proven formula for user experience.